Go Behind the Scenes of Trey Songz’s "Touchin, Lovin" Video Featuring Nicki Minaj

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Trey Songz is giving fans a behind-the-scenes peak into the video for his Nicki Minaj-assisted single “Touchin, Lovin,” lifted from the crooner’s latest album, Trigga.

“It was a very interesting concept.  We actually have an extra surprise in the video, where there’s an interactive feature,” Trey told MTV News during an on-set interview.  “I know my fans are very engaged on the computer and very much social savvy, so when we give them options to watch the video, I’m sure they’ll watch it probably 20 times when you realize you can go this way, that way, this way.”

Director Jason Zada adds that fans will pleasantly surprised.  “This idea of all your fantasy choices available to you at any point in time, it was kind of this really great way of sort of personifying all these fantasies that we all have floating around in our heads,” he said.

He also revealed that Nicki’s role in the upcoming visual will be significant.  “Nicki’s playing the dominant figure,” Trey added.  “She’s basically controlling my dreams.  And each portion of what you see is what it is she wants to happen.”

Trey adds, “I’m excited to see how the fans react.”

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