Pharrell Williams Says "The Voice" Doesn’t Feel Like Work

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Pharrell Williams is the new coach of NBC’s The Voice, alongside Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine and Blake Sheton.  Although Pharrell has a lot on his plate, his experience on the show has been very enjoyable.

“My expectation is that it would be work that I would enjoy, but I was wrong. It’s not t been any work at all. It’s been fun. Really, honestly fun,” he says of season seven.

The super producer also explains what motivated him to join the lineup of the hit singing competition show.

“I joined The Voice because I felt like it was giving me an opportunity to not only be able to give advice to the people that I would be coaching, but also people out in TV land — someone that’s looking for some answers or ever had any questions, hopefully, that I could impart some information to them that could make things easier for them, too,” he says.

So what does he love most? For Williams, he believes the show provides valuable coaching to large numbers of aspiring musicians.

“Essentially, at the end of the day, there are 48 contestants, and only person is gonna win,” he says. “The rest of those 47 people, like, their lives are gonna be changed because they had Blake teach them a lot about their voices and what they could do, and they had Gwen to teach them about the tone and their styling, and they had Adam to teach them about vocal control. you know. That’s huge!”

The new season of The Voice premieres Monday night at 8 ET on NBC.

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