Robin Thicke Eyes 2014 for National Tour


Robin Thicke is scheduled to release his upcoming album, Blurred Lines, later this month, but the singer says there’s no U.S. tour currently in the works.

While fans may be disappointed, Thicke shares with Billboard that the decision was well thought out.

“We’re gonna try to just do promotion the rest of the year, and then we’re gonna do some European tours and we’re not gonna tour here in the States ’til next year,” he explains. “There’s so many opportunities for promotions and radio stations and people that have never seen me before, so we’re really gonna focus on just getting out there, and hopefully by next spring we’ll be ready to put on a real U.S. tour.”

Robin also shares that his relationship with his wife, Paula Patton, played a role in recording his upcoming project.

“My wife and I would hang out at the end of the night, and I would play her the songs I was working on and we would dance around and be so happy,” Thicke tells Billboard.  “And then some of my sadder and more depressing songs would come on, and we would always want to go back to the top and keep dancing and having a good time.”

Robin feels he crafted “an escape album” adding, “I think I did my best to make my wife and I have a chance to escape every night, and I felt like that made for a great album.”

He also credits the producers he worked with, including Pharrell, Timbaland and, for “pushing the sonics forward and into the next realm and the next level.” He shares, “They can do things I wouldn’t even think to do.”

Blurred Lines will be available in stores and online on July 30.

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