Music is universal, bringing people from different backgrounds together in a unique way.  Our Urban Adult Contemporary (UAC) format provides listeners with enjoyable music and talk programs that are appropriate for home, work, or the car.  Wherever your current and/or future customers are, radio is a constant and reliable advertising companion.

WEOA provides our advertising partners with unique and innovative ways to increase their market share, by being THE RADIO LINK to two growing consumer groups.

Our team develops effective commercials that cut through the clutter, making your business stand out like never before. With our ability to create commercials in both English & Spanish, your business will do more than attract new clients…you will be viewed as leading the way in the area of marketing & advertising!

We take pride in being Evansville’s community radio station, helping large and small businesses maintain their local appeal.

What the research tells us…

  • Urban Adult Contemporary is the #1 format for Black listeners for the 5th straight year
  • 81% of African Americans believe products advertised on Black media pertain to them
  • African Americans tend to demonstrate a high degree of brand loyalty
  • Black buying power expected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2015
  • 94% of African Americans listen to radio every week
  • Urban Adult Contemporary is #1 in Time Spent Listening

“If a business is not targeting the Black consumer market, they are missing a significant opportunity to increase sales.”
-The Nielson Company